Hardware Requirements for Basic Plan

The basic plan saves you money by allowing you to use a server or PC that you currently have onsite. The Server or PC should have a static local IP assigned to it and will need to remain on at all times. You can use one of your Window servers you have already - the client runs as a service and has a very small footprint and will not impact performance.  The PC can be a cheap model and does not need to be a member of the domain but must be reachable inside  by the firewall.    (If you need a small PC/Server we can provide that at an additional charge or try our Silver Plan.

You or your current network support provider  will work with one of our certified engineers as they remote in and configure.  A simple client is installed that runs in the background and receives the Syslog files from the firewall. We will advise your network provider how to configure your firewall to send Syslog information to the Server or PC. This client establishes a secure encrypted  tunnel  using technology such as 3DES. You will monitor the PC or Server to make sure it stays running.

 Periodicly we will check to make sure that all remote clients are connecting and will contact you to resolve any issues. Minor outages should not affect your general information.

Supplied Appliance for Silver and Gold Plans

For those that require more robust reporting Firewall Data supplies a small appliance that only needs to be plugged into your network. The small device is rack mountable or may be placed on a desk. It should have a static IP  and just requires one ethernet connection to the local network. 

Our certified engineers will remote in and working with you will configure and test. You will need to supply a username and password  that you will type in (we do not need to know the password)- this closes another security loop. The same goes for the Active Directory Audit. 

You do not own the appliance so you never have to worry about replacing or fixing it. We monitor the health of the appliance 24/7 and if it ever fails we will rapidly replace it at no extra charge to you. Your logs are backed up at our secure facility for archival access.

This is our common appliancethat will fit a normal 18" rack. If your needs dictate, we may change models.

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