Full support is provided at no additional charge. Normal hours are 8:00 am to 5:00 PM CST. Calls or emails after hours are responded to on the basis of severity of the issue. Please provide as many details as possible and the impact on your business process or daily routines.  If you are expecting an audit and need additional help getting information please contact support at least 5 days ahead of expected audit date.

You may contact support via email :  Support@firewalldata.com

Call support Toll Free at 888-896-DATA (3282)


Q. Can I upgrade to a better or smaller plan at any time?

A. Yes! Inform us via email and we will contact you.


Q. Is my Data Secured or will anyone else be able to see it?

A. Yes, it is secure and No one else will have access to it. We encrypt all data transferred and backed up. As well we also restrict access to your web portal when possible to your outside static IP only.


Q. Do you need to know my Domain or Firewall Passwords?

A. Absolutely not!!  When we setup via a remote session you will be watching and you will type in the user name and password. No username or password is required for the Firewall Analyzer as we read simple syslogs.


Q. Do I need to be a Geek to setup or use this?

A. No. We will work with your current provider and/or provide simple instructions as well as we can establish a remote session to help.


Q. What do I need to provide for the appliance?

A.  You will be required to provide a cool, clean environment as you would for any server. We also require that you use a UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) to protect the appliance. If you have servers you should already have a UPS. A simple small UPS such as the APC Back UPS ES 350 (aprox $50) may be found at any office supply store or you may purchase one from us. We do not support or warrant the UPS (the manufacturer does this). Firewall Data will provide simple setup instructions with the appliance. We will also provide a form for you or your IT support person to fill out so we can make sure all is configured correctly.