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Financial Institutions need compliance solutions they can afford.

  • Have you been unable to provide critical information to auditors when they ask you about your network?
  • Put off by the high cost of firewall monitoring?
  • Worried that something is happening in that black box called a firewall?
  • Want to know why your internet is slow?

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" saved me thousands in security expenses and were always there when needed"  Brian- CTO

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"We have not had to hire IT people internally which is a great savings"  Barbara- President of Credit union


Regulatory Pressures

Auditor requirements are now making it more difficult for small financial orginizations to implement and pay for security monitoring of firewalls and servers. The amount of time to provide reports and prove security compliance can outstrip the time actually spent on keeping the network secure.

Firewall Data's Cost Saving Solution

Firewall Data provides monitoring and compliance reporting via a managed service for which you pay a simple fee. No equipment or software purchases that become outdated. Firewall Data provides the expertise so you do not have to hire an expert on your staff. We keep it simple but secure and pass on the savings.

Turning Your Network Over to Someone Else?

Firewall Data does not take over your firewall. We do not make changes to it nor do we have access to it. This closes a security loop leaving configuration and maintenance to your current provider. No longer in an internet down situation do you need to depend on someone else that can't be onsite.  Firewall Data  securely records internet traffic and provides security alerts to whomever you desire via email.

What Firewall Data Does for You

  • Monitor for critical security events network-wide to detect attacks & malicious network users
  • Receive alerts about critical events on Exchange, ISA, SQL and IIS Servers  
  • You can include 3rd party verification through regular penetration tests
  •  Regular reporting based on your needs is customized and sent automatically
  • Log on anytime to see traffic and why the internet is slow.
  • Audit employee usage - know what sites are being accessed
  • All data is encrypted and  backed up at our secure remote facilities
  • Additional plans provide for reports to comply with various regulations
  • 24/7 alerts how you want them- no phone calls in the middle of the night.